About Public Words

Speaker Coaching and Development

There’s more to public speaking than just having something to say. You need to be able to deliver your story in a way that’s compelling. You also need to craft a brand, build an online community, and write a bestselling book to establish your credentials in your area of expertise – and create buzz. We work with professional speakers, celebrities and business executives to tell great stories to rapt audiences. And we help them establish the other aspects of their businesses.

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Corporate Communications and Training Programs

Does your organization have a story to tell the world about a new product? Do you need to get a message out to employees so that they get energized about your service offerings? We work with corporations, government agencies, and non-profits to develop their organizational stories and communication strategies. We work with executives to help them strengthen their presence and charisma and offer training programs that will raise the effectiveness of your presentations and personal interactions. We even have an app that raises the game of all your managers presenting internally and externally.

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Keynote speeches

In his interactive speeches, Dr. Nick Morgan reveals the mysteries of communication, body language, and storytelling. He shows how recent brain research confirms ancient wisdom and together adds up to a revolutionary new approach to communication that will have you capturing and holding an audience’s attention, whether it’s a one-on-one conversation, an essential business meeting, or a presentation to a thousand listeners.

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Nice things people have said about us

“I gave the new speech three times in the last 36 hours. Night and day results! The work we did last weekend took my game to a new level. Still working to refine things so it will only get better from here. Just wanted to send a huge thank-you and let you know what a big difference you made.”

“STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was mobbed after the speech by people raving about the speech, how inspired they were, how this was the best speech they’d ever heard, how it touched them, etc, etc. Wow! It must be all that Public Words coaching!”

“I wanted to thank you once again for making an enormous impact on my presentation skills. I just received the feedback scores from my 20 minute presentation in front of our entire company two weeks ago. I had the highest rated session across the entire week!!! I also got a great deal of personal feedback on the level of confidence that I demonstrated. This is truly due to you and Nikki helping me focus on both what I say and how I say it.”

“OMG Nikki. I mean – really – OMG. This is simply remarkable. I wonder if my work is as good as the web site. I cannot begin to understand how you got from the boring thing I had to this. It’s simply incredible. OMG.”

“I just wanted to share with you again how elated I am about last week’s speech. It was such a leap forward for me, on so many levels. Suddenly, everything clicked. I owned my authority. The materials flowed and made sense and felt powerful… I feel as though we made huge strides together, and I thank you!!”

“We finished the manuscript for my book week before last, and sent it off. This is a major milestone and I could not have done this without Nick. He is so much more that a talented and prolific writer—he is a sharp and critical thinker—he’s brilliant at figuring out how to work with people and enable them to do their best work— and when he commits to you, he does what it takes (and in my case, that was a lot) to reach a very high bar of success. Nick has been has been a wonderful partner to me in this work, and we stand at the beginning of a very exciting next chapter.”