About Public Words

What We Do

Change starts with passion for an idea. And someone with the courage to want to make that idea real. We work alongside remarkable people like you – and organizations like yours – to help you craft your stories, get the world’s attention, connect with audiences, and move people to action.

Your Idea

An idea by itself is not enough for success today. Too much information competes for your audience’s overloaded attention. We work with you to shape and structure the idea to make it memorable and compelling. We help you find the story in your experience – the story that audiences won’t be able to forget.

Your Speech

There are many ways to communicate today, yet giving a speech is still the most immediate and compelling way to move people to action.

There are a number of reasons why you might call us about public speaking. Perhaps you’ve been invited to give a keynote speech and the stakes are high. Or you give a lot of speeches and want to improve. Or you have a brilliant idea but the phone’s not ringing. We take you through an intensive, well-honed process designed to create a powerful speech that you’ll love and feel confident delivering, every time.

Your Presence

A great message alone is not enough to make a great communicator. Just as important is executive presence and charisma. We let you in on the mysteries of non-verbal communications. As a result, you can strengthen your own presence and understand it better in others. We show you how to use these ‘dark arts’ authentically to connect with your audiences. And yes, you must use your new-found powers for good!

Your Book

A well-written book is still the required entrance ticket to the professional public speaking business – yet the publishing process is mysterious and tricky to navigate. Writing a book is a lot of work; selling a book is even harder. We help you develop your ideas, craft the proposal and even write the book itself. We’ll get you in front of some of the industry’s best agents, who’ll in turn get you in front of some of the industry’s best publishers. By the time we’re through, you will not only have a great book, but will know what it takes to turn it into a bestseller.

Your Community

When you reach out to a community, you need to do so with a very clear brand. Just because a person is charismatic and has a brilliant message, the world won’t necessarily pay attention. The same goes for organizations. The people (and companies) who stand out are those with well-crafted brands and active communities of fans and fellow enthusiasts. We help you with your ‘packaging’ – advising on everything from websites, blogs and show reels to marketing materials, articles and product design. We also help you get to grips with community building tools like Twitter and Facebook. And we help craft promotional campaigns to speaker bureaus, event planners and media outlets.


You come from all over the world and all kinds of organizations. Perhaps you are a high-level executive and need help getting the message to employees in your corporation – or to various stakeholders and communities you interact with. Or maybe you are a professional speaker, entrepreneur or small business owner. Perhaps you are a celebrity, politician or teacher at a world-famous academic institution. Sometimes the organization itself wants to expand into a new market, redo its brand, or get a new message out to the world. All of you have one thing in common: you are passionate about what you do, and you want to change the world. We celebrate – and share – your passion.


Speakers and Celebrities
Chris Brogan, Susan Ershler, Steve Farber, Les Gold, Adam Hartung, Sally Hogshead, Josh Linkner, Glenn Llopis, David Meerman Scott, Lisa Merlo-Booth, David J. Pollay, Tim Sanders, Vince Thompson, Montel Williams

Biogen Idec, CCA Global Partners, CSC, Deloitte Consulting, Edgewater Systems, Harvard University, Henry Rak Consulting Partners, HRET, IBM, ISS, Kaiser Permanente, Knightsbridge, Pfizer, Prudential Real Estate, Shell, St Jude’s Ranch For Children, US Air Force, US Army, VHA, Yahoo!

Nice things people have said about us

“I gave the new speech three times in the last 36 hours. Night and day results! The work we did last weekend took my game to a new level. Still working to refine things so it will only get better from here. Just wanted to send a huge thank-you and let you know what a big difference you made.”
“STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was mobbed after the speech by people raving about the speech, how inspired they were, how this was the best speech they’d ever heard, how it touched them, etc, etc. Wow! It must be all that Public Words coaching!”
“I wanted to thank you once again for making an enormous impact on my presentation skills. I just received the feedback scores from my 20 minute presentation in front of our entire company two weeks ago. I had the highest rated session across the entire week!!! I also got a great deal of personal feedback on the level of confidence that I demonstrated. This is truly due to you and Nikki helping me focus on both what I say and how I say it.”
“OMG Nikki. I mean – really – OMG. This is simply remarkable. I wonder if my work is as good as the web site. I cannot begin to understand how you got from the boring thing I had to this. It’s simply incredible. OMG.”
“Your brilliance guided me to clarity of thought and uncovered the compelling point of view I was searching for. For this, I am eternally grateful to both you and Nikki.”
“Just wanted to let you know that the new speech and slides are really working well for me. I feel great about the speech and my audiences love it!. I am a happy camper!”
“I just wanted to share with you again how elated I am about last week’s speech. It was such a leap forward for me, on so many levels. Suddenly, everything clicked. I owned my authority. The materials flowed and made sense and felt powerful… I feel as though we made huge strides together, and I thank you!!”
“We finished the manuscript for my book week before last, and sent it off. This is a major milestone and I could not have done this without Nick. He is so much more that a talented and prolific writer—he is a sharp and critical thinker—he’s brilliant at figuring out how to work with people and enable them to do their best work— and when he commits to you, he does what it takes (and in my case, that was a lot) to reach a very high bar of success. Nick has been has been a wonderful partner to me in this work, and we stand at the beginning of a very exciting next chapter.”
“You really outdid yourself! We are all extremely happy with the results. Thanks so much.”
“Over the past two weeks I have given my new speech three times and the response has been just phenomenal! People are completely engaged and they are taking notes at exactly the point you said they would. Thank you so much for your coaching, strategy, and feedback. You have helped me present a much more organized, polished, and compelling speech. The logical structure of my speech coupled with repetitive rehearsals has given me more confidence and eloquence than I’ve ever had. AND… for the first time since I’ve known what PowerPoint was, I gave my speeches without PowerPoint! It was truly wonderful not to have to concern myself with slides, remotes, transitions, and other irrelevant details. I was truly able to focus on my audience.”
“I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me. You were great to work with and made a huge difference in my, so to speak, ‘debut’.”
“The presentation was excellent. The participants were very impressed with the (accompanying) web site. We heard many comments about how professional it looked and how the content was meaningful and accessible. Thank you for being there for us at every step and for delivering quality exactly when we needed it.”
“It looks awesome! Thanks so much for all your hard work, I’m actually proud to have this as my site rather than trying to hide it. Well done!”
“Hi Nick, I’m writing to say thanks for the referral to Tim Sanders. Tim brought the house down. He opened by defining the goal for his speech at the only level you’d find acceptable… the best book ever written on public speaking is Working the Room by Nick Morgan”
“Thanks for the call today—I found the dialogue intriguing—sort of like going to therapy. The conversation was part exhilarating, part exhausting and made my brain stretch… so thank you. I’m looking forward to more time together.”