Five New Ways To Deal With Stage Fright

What else can you do with speech anxiety besides worry? Readers of this blog will know that I’ve given you lots of ways to handle those feelings of panic, from addressing the symptoms with breathing, to mental exercises, to work on your unconscious fears, to embracing the feelings for the adrenalin that they signify. But […]

The Three Most Important Times to Pause in a Presentation

We were having dinner with friends recently, and one of them took the opportunity to get a little free advice. She had a speech coming up, and she said, “I remember something about pausing being important. I can’t remember the details, so what are three most important ways to think about using pauses?” You can’t […]

Authenticity or Charisma?

Somewhere between the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries, the general public became tired of hype and decided that it wanted authenticity instead. It’s the most important quality in leadership communications today. Don’t believe me? Think about it: with it, you can move people to action. Without it, you can’t even get a hearing. You’re in […]

How to Communicate with Passion

I’m going to close out 2014 with a final word on passion. I’ve talked all year about techniques, neuroscience, and rhetorical devices designed to make you the best communicator you can be – the best public speaker you can be. In the end, though, I never forget – and you should never forget – that […]

High Voice? Low Voice? What Works in Front of an Audience?

I’ve been posting a good deal recently on research having to do with the voice. And a number of readers have asked me about one voice study that seemed to contradict most of the others, finding that a higher, more strident voice came across as higher status than a lower one. Well, rest easy. We […]