How to Achieve Breakthroughs in Performance

I was fortunate, recently, to chat with the inimitable Cathy Salit, consultant, CEO, former actor and singer, high-school dropout, and author of the just-published book Performance Breakthrough, A Radical Approach to Success at Work. Cathy’s approach combines acting, improv, and positive psychology – a mix of ideas that readers familiar with this blog will recognize […]

Why Going Viral May Be the Worst Thing That Happens to Your Business

Why Going Viral May Be the Worst Thing That Happens to Your Business

The dream of the modern marketer is the viral video, or Internet sensation, or meme. Once you’ve got that, you have it made, right? It’s the modern business equivalent of the old fairy tale line, “and they lived happily ever after.” What’s not to like? You’ll be feted by the media, courted by the money […]

How to Speak Up Without Freaking Out

How to Speak Up Without Freaking Out

Anxiety about public speaking is a near-universal feeling. And so books that focus on helping people deal with that anxiety are perennial sellers. Matt Abrahams’ Speaking up without Freaking Out is no exception, and so I was pleased when I had the chance to talk with him about the book and his approach to communications. […]

Do You Have An Idea That Will Change The World?

I often get asked by potential clients, audience members, and random virtual acquaintances if the idea they present to me as their candidate for a thought leadership program will sell. My reaction is almost always that that’s the wrong question. If you want to develop a thought leadership platform, and a profitable speaking career to […]

The Five Building Blocks of A Successful Speaking Career

This post is the second in an occasional series about professional speaking careers. I often get asked about how to become a successful (i.e. sustained) professional (i.e., paid) speaker. My response, from many years of working with people to establish, to ramp up, and to sustain professional speaking careers, is that there are five essential […]

Are You Overworked and Overwhelmed? Here’s How to Cope

When I first got the email from Scott Eblin, a friend and sometime client, about his new book, Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative, I was happy for him and secretly hoping that he wouldn’t ask me to do anything hard for him, like actually read the book. You see, I’m way too overworked and […]