The role of emotion in public speaking

Emotion – is it a good thing or a bad thing? For many years, people struggled to keep it out of business, thinking that to be emotional showed weakness, or indecision, or lack of judgment, or something equally damning. Today, attitudes have shifted, and we now recognize the importance of emotion in motivation, in communications, and in leadership. Indeed, we’ve learned from brain research that without emotion there is no memory. So… Read More

How to make a good first impression

Never mind attention spans, the research shows that it only takes 30 seconds for someone to make up their mind about you. In this newsletter, we’re exploring first impressions – how they work, how to ensure you make a good one, and how to avoid creating a disastrous start. Enjoy! How to craft your elevator speech The elevator pitch is more important than ever in this increasingly ADD world. Whether it’s your… Read More

The art of storytelling

These days, we’re awash in data and information and can’t remember it all. But we do remember stories. Effective storytelling is the key to making your ideas stick, your path to market unique, and your brand memorable. In this newsletter, we focus on a number of ways to make your storytelling better. First, a blog series, with five quick ideas on what storytelling is, and is not. Each one of these blogs… Read More

How to be a good corporate communicator

Presentations are a fact of life in the workplace. Most of them are about as exciting as Jello – and about as well formed. In this newsletter, we address the problem, hoping to improve the lot of audiences everywhere. We talk about how to get the structure of a presentation right, why your body language is just as important as your speech (and your slides) and how to overcome nervousness. We also… Read More

How about a career in public speaking

Who hasn’t wondered about trying out the life of a professional public speaker? You get to travel to exotic locales and get paid fabulous sums of money for an hour’s worth of work. What’s not to like? At Public Words, we get inquiries all the time from people wondering about how to get on this potential gravy train. Well, before you quit your day job, Nick has some hard-won advice on both… Read More

Should you write an ebook

We’ve been getting lots of questions about eBooks so we decided to dedicate our first Public Words newsletter to the topic. Many authors ask us whether they should write and publish their own eBooks. In this post on Forbes, Nick explains some of the current e-options that have sprung up around traditional publishing and self-publishing. Some recent eBook examples We recently worked with client Glenn Llopis to craft two eBooks: one on… Read More