The Five Building Blocks of A Successful Speaking Career

This post is the second in an occasional series about professional speaking careers. I often get asked about how to become a successful (i.e. sustained) professional (i.e., paid) speaker. My response, from many years of working with people to establish, to ramp up, and to sustain professional speaking careers, is that there are five essential building blocks. People try to get by without one of the five, and inevitably suffer as a… Read More

How to Communicate Like a Jerk

We live in an angry age. One day the pendulum will swing back and politicians will stop accusing each other of treason when they disagree about transient matters of policy, but I probably won’t live to see it. One day academics will argue – but not viciously – about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, but it will long after my demise. And one day Fox News… Read More

What’s the Most Important Thing for a Speaker to Worry About?

What’s the most important aspect of speaking for a professional speaker to develop? I get asked that question all the time by people at the early stages of their careers, people who are passionate about some idea or cause or field of knowledge and who want to spread their expertise to the world. They’re thinking that they need to develop their storytelling ability, or their charisma, or perhaps just to create a… Read More

The Public Speaker’s To-Do List for 2015

Happy New Year. Is this the year you break out as a speaker, at a level that matches your ambition? How high do you want to fly? Do you want to excel at the keynote level, in hot demand at $40K per speech, all over the world? Or do you want to have constant invitations to give your free speech about better mousetraps, building great connections and potential clients everywhere? Or do… Read More

How to Fail as a Professional Public Speaker – the Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Speakers

I work with professional speakers, people aspiring to become professional speakers, speakers on the way up, and all the variants in between.  There are as many stories about their roads to success as there are individuals.  And yes, of course, the road to success goes through the swamp of failure and frustration before it gets to those sunlit uplands of glory that Winston Churchill spoke of in a slightly different context. But… Read More

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Publishing A Book

In celebration of the publication of my new book, Power Cues, let’s compare the state of the industry in 2003, when my first book, Give Your Speech, Change the World, was published, 2008, when Trust Me, my second book, was released, and today, May 13, 2014, Power Cues’ debut. In 2003, there was an Internet, and email, but no social media to speak of.  Authors relied on traditional PR to sell books,… Read More

The FacebookIs10 Movie and Your Audience

I’m pleased to welcome Public Words writer Sarah Morgan as a guest blogger for this posting.   How many Facebook movies have you watched this week? They’re probably all over your news feed–the delightful LookBack videos your friends are all sharing with the hashtag #FacebookIs10. And they’re a great example of how to make your message shareable by making it all about your audience. As a speaker or an author, you’re the… Read More

Have you checked in with Google Images recently?

You spend a lot of time and energy carefully crafting your public words, but how much thought do you give to your public images? Have you run a Google Image search on your name or company lately? You might be surprised at what shows up. How are you visually presenting yourself to the world? Do your online images symbolize and evoke your brand message? Do they portray your personality and ethics? Are… Read More

Finding Your Voice on Social Media – Passionate Expression or TMI?

Like public speaking, social media is instant. It happens live and in real-time. It’s ‘public’ and what you say is recorded and easily shareable. Your social media updates are also public remarks – just like your keynote address. So not only is it really important that you create a voice that conveys your brand message, but also that you are conscious of how you are coming across. Whilst it is good to… Read More

Social Media Rules for Leaders and Business Executives

By Emma Wyatt Its no secret that social media is a useful tool for leadership development. CEO’s and business leaders have celebrity status and often feature in the media. We want to know them, and feel like they are accessible. Social media provides an opportunity for leaders to create a personal brand and interact directly with their communities. As technology evolves there are new ways to communicate with stakeholders and engage them with… Read More