Do speakers still need a One Sheet?

I’m in the process of designing a speaker ONE SHEET for a client. This is typically a printed document (or PDF) that provides an overview of a speaker and their current speaking topics. It’s a useful tool for meeting planners who have to sift through many potential speakers. During the selection process they will lay out all the speaker One Sheets and use them as a reference tool to talk about and compare each speaker. The One Sheet is often evaluated before looking at a speaker’s DVD or books.
Here’s the kind of information that a One Sheet typically includes:

  • Speaking topics
  • Bio information and books
  • Rave reviews/previous gigs
  • The speaker’s photograph
  • Contact information

Many speakers now have a dedicated page on their web site where they provide this content. Some speakers include a PDF version of their One Sheet, but they are getting harder to find. Personally, I still find them useful. I like the ‘at a glance’ summary and the fact that I have a document to send a meeting planner, rather than just a link to a web site.

What’s your thoughts? If you are a speaker, do you have a One Sheet or Marketing Kit. If you are a meeting planner, do you still use the One Sheet as an evaluation tool?

Here’s a few examples I’ve found on speaker web sites. (Click on the name for a link back to the speaker’s web site to see how the one sheet complements their overall brand design. Most one sheets are double-sided but some are multi-page.)

I do still recommend speakers create a One Sheet. Here’s three I’ve worked on:

4 Comments on “Do speakers still need a One Sheet?

  1. As an event planner I like having a one sheeter for my physical files and to disburse amongst the necessary event staff. I see the website as the initial information for the event planners and the one sheeter as the “At-A-Glance” for the event executioners.

  2. Hi Steven, thanks for your comment. It’s very helpful to get an event planner’s perspective.

  3. I connected with two great event planners I know. They said that a one-sheeter is still a great route – and like any self-promotion, one-sheeter or website, providing references and/or videos is essential. You do that quite well in your work. Depending on your goal, your one sheeter could be built as a dynamic pdf that incorporates multi-media (like videos) so when the one sheeter is distributed, it can be printed as such, but could also be used electronically.

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