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feature-nick-morgan-speakernick_one_sheetPersuasive communication is essential for effective leadership today. Employees report that they are stressed, anxious and distracted. How can you best unite them behind a vision, a message, a business direction? How do you get them to put aside their personal concerns and focus on the organization? Dr. Nick Morgan shows you how to combine passion and persuasion to get your team moving forward together.

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How do you get the world’s attention today?

We live in an information-saturated age, and people often report that they can barely keep up with the headlines and enough information to do their jobs. How do you put a new idea out there, or persuade a group of employees to try a new approach to their work? How do you catch the world’s attention long enough to show it what you have to offer?

Audiences today respond to authenticity and charisma

If you’re missing either one, the world moves on to the next shiny object or compelling new thing. And the only way to catch people’s attention long enough to persuade them of something is to tell them a story that sticks. A story that persuades. A story that sells. A story that motivates. A story that sizzles.

Tell a story that changes the world

Dr. Nick Morgan, in his interactive talks and seminars shows audiences how to create those stories and how to deliver them with authenticity and charisma. He reveals how recent brain research confirms ancient wisdom and together adds up to a revolutionary new approach to communication that will have you capturing and holding an audience’s attention, whether it’s a one-on-one conversation, an essential business meeting, or a presentation to a thousand listeners.

Communication and Body Language

Dr. Nick Morgan explains how you can harness the power of your unconscious mind to communicate more effectively.

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Speaking Topics

The Persuasive Storyteller
To get and hold someone’s attention in an information-saturated age, you have to be able to tell compelling stories, stories that persuade, motivate, sell – or sizzle. Stories that can change the world. Dr. Nick Morgan leads audiences in an interactive session that will have them finding their own stories, increasing their persuasiveness, and learning how to close the sale.

Secrets of Body Language and the Unconscious Mind
Every communication is two conversations, the content and the body language. Most people spend a lot of time and effort thinking about what they’re going to say, but very little on how they’re going to say it. And yet recent brain research shows that most of us make decisions based on unconscious, emotional reactions to other people’s body language. In this interactive talk, Dr. Nick Morgan reveals to audiences what body language can – and cannot – tell us about how our minds work and how our lives are really lived.

Authenticity and Charisma
Politicians never seem to get it, and companies keep making the same mistake over and over again – they stonewall, dissemble, and lie to us until they’re forced to retract a statement or a story that the 24-hour news cycle has rendered dead on arrival. In this presentation, Dr. Nick Morgan shows why people crave authentic, charismatic communications, and how both individuals and companies can achieve that kind of clarity in their everyday communications.

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What Audiences Say

“Nick Morgan is the textbook example of an unassuming BADASS. He is awesome. The entire room is captivated.”

“Thank you for coming early, taking the extra time to listen and observe, and then speaking to the CIO group. Your presentation was extremely interesting, engaging and enlightening. The feedback we received was extremely positive and all of the CIOs seemed to have learned a lot. Much of what you spoke about carried on throughout the rest of the afternoon.”

“Dr. Nick Morgan was one of the highlights of our March, 2010 Annual Convention, with a tour de force keynote address that accomplished the seemingly impossible: providing an effective, interactive, how-to primer on public speaking to an audience of over 400 attendees, ranging from sales people to chief executives. He blended humor, science, theatrics and excellent historical examples. I don’t know if anyone else could have pulled this off, but Nick Morgan had our audience’s attention riveted for the entire two hours.”

“Thank you again for doing such a great job for us. The session was truly engaging and useful and fun, and the feedback and commentary on it was uniformly fantastic.”

“In the many iterations of my professional life, I’ve been in dozens of training sessions on leadership, communications, meeting management, etc. Some were well done, and many were excruciating. This session today was among the very best I’ve attended.”