What’s Wrong with TED?

What’s wrong with TED?  There’s no question it has been an extraordinarily successful venture.  It has transformed the world of public speaking in a number of ways, most of them obviously for the better.  But it has had some subtler negative effects too, and that’s what this post covers. It’s hard to remember now, but [...]

How to Fail as a Professional Public Speaker – the Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Speakers

I work with professional speakers, people aspiring to become professional speakers, speakers on the way up, and all the variants in between.  There are as many stories about their roads to success as there are individuals.  And yes, of course, the road to success goes through the swamp of failure and frustration before it gets [...]

Should You Approach Your Audience When Giving a Talk – Or Walk Away?

A recent research result was reported in the media as indicating that there may be something called “approach aversion” that people instinctively have toward people and objects coming toward them.  My first reaction, when I read this, was really?  Cake?  Ice Cream?  If only I had approach aversion to those delicious items my dietary problems [...]

How to Ace a Job Interview


In celebration of my first book, Give Your Speech, Change the World, now becoming available as an eBook, I’m excerpting a bit from the book on how to ace a job interview.  I’ve edited the text slightly to fit the blog, but I still like the advice.  Enjoy! How to Ace a Job Interview The [...]

Five Tips For Public Speaking Success

Powerful stories

I’ve seen a lot of speeches recently, coached and written a good number more for clients, and given a few of my own.  Here’s my latest list of good speaking habits, dos and don’ts, and lessons from the front, five this time, five the next time.  In no particular order except perhaps passion. 1. Don’t [...]

Ten Questions Speakers Should Ask Themselves

Book question

I was inspired by one of those lists of questions that made the rounds on Facebook to create 10 questions to guide people who are serious about speaking as a way of connecting with the world.  How do you answer these?  What other questions do you have about your speaking? 1.  What do you love [...]

Authenticity Is Not Enough


                      It’s not just about authenticity any more.  As readers of this blog will know, I’ve been arguing ever since 2008 and the publication of my book on the subject, Trust Me:  Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma, that authenticity is table stakes for professional [...]

How to Change the World in 2014


The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.  The world, in the case of your next speech, is that audience right in front of you.  It’s an incredible opportunity – a group of people has voted with its feet and put butts into chairs to listen to you.  These people are [...]

My New Year’s Resolution for 2014: To Listen


I’ve been on holiday, the first one in a couple of years, and as it winds to a close, I’ve been thinking about starting the New Year in the right spirit.  I’ve made the usual resolutions to get more exercise, eat right, live every moment fully, and avoid speeding tickets.  But what about a theme, [...]

Communication is different now — part 3

The last in a series of three blog posts inspired by Nicco Mele’s new book, The End of Big. Twenty-first century communication has changed how we talk to the world in three essential ways:  connectivity, authenticity, and style.  I discussed connectivity and authenticity in the last 2 posts; this post is about style. Radical connectivity has changed the [...]