How Should You Gesture When Speaking?

How should you gesture in order to win the favor of the crowd, persuade the audience of your point of view, or appear most charismatic? I get asked variants on these questions all the time by speakers wanting to up their game, executives wishing to improve the odds of their success, and thought leaders wanting to get more attention for their ideas. The key to successful gesture is not what you think… Read More

Are You Leaving Your Impact To Chance?

One thing that is not part of our commonsense understanding of how our minds work is the importance of the motor system (movement) to our thinking. We tend to think of movement and brainwork as two separate things. I reach for the glass of water when I’m thirsty; I think about my next chess move with my mind. In fact, though, neuroscience uncovers new connections between our motor system and our thinking… Read More

The Body Language Infographic

I had great fun developing the infographic below with Gengo.  While it can’t cover the nuances, and so should be used with care, most of the information in this graphic is clear and helpful.  Enjoy!

How to Decode Other People’s Body Language Accurately

What Gesture Is Good For A useful way to think about gestures is as an early warning system for intent, emotion, and mood.  We gesture because our unconscious minds push us to do so with an emotion, an intent, or a desire that our conscious minds are not aware of until after the gesture has started.  Our bodies know what we want before our conscious minds do. That’s counter-intuitive, because of course… Read More

Weird Jewelry or Brilliant Solution to an Age-Old Speaking Problem?

Apparently, there’s a jewelry designer in New Jersey who is so self-conscious that she’s created a line of jewelry in order to answer the age-old question that speakers have asked for as long as there have been speakers, what should I do with my hands? Wonderful. I’m making the risky assumption that this article is not a joke.  But even if it is, the whole idea raises that interesting question and suggests,… Read More