What to Do with Your Stage Fright

A recent study from Harvard Business School of 400 participants found that if you tell yourself to get excited when about to do something stressful, like give a speech, you do better than when you try to calm yourself down. At least, that’s the way the study was discussed in the press – as a counter-intuitive finding promoting stage fright over stage calm.  But actually what was going on was that the… Read More

The Three Postures and Authenticity

Public Words Speaker Forum, June 2010, Harvard University. Nick Morgan talks about how audiences unconsciously evaluate the intent of speakers by how the speakers simply stand and walk on the stage. The result is that you can convey a message you don’t mean to, and give an audience the wrong impression about you. Nick shows how to create the right impression — and give your audience the chance to receive the authentic… Read More

What goes wrong when you try to communicate?

I spoke last week to an Air Force Special Ops team, and to a pharmaceutical company, about persuasive communications.   Today, I’m talking to a group of Harvard mid-career students from all over the world about the same subject.   Each time I talk I spend some time making sure I understand their particular issues in the realm of communications, so that the advice I give them is focused.  What’s fascinating is that such… Read More

How To Create A Great Speech Fast – In 5 Steps

The other day Harvard asked me to boil down the creation of a great speech into 5 quick steps for busy executives.  Here's the result in a short video.  Enjoy! How to Create a Great Presentation from Harvard Business Publishing on Vimeo.  

The Silent Speaker

Harvard Business Publishing, September 2010. Nick Morgan talks about seeing his most memorable speaker as a way of talking about the importance of body language in public speaking. Watch on YouTube»