Great Presentations with Mitch Joel

For my blog today, I'm pointing to a podcast I did with digital marketing guru Mitch Joel.  He's always interesting to talk to — you can check out the results here.  Enjoy!

Nick Morgan Explains How To Give A Presentation That Changes The World

In the marketing world, the best ideas don’t always win. One of the main reasons is because they’re not presented well (in essence, a poor presentation can kill the best of ideas). In this podcast, Nick and marketing expert Mitch Joel discuss why being a great presenter is a must-have capability for business leaders. Website | Play

Connie Dieken and Dr. Nick Morgan on Authenticity and Charisma

Communications expert Connie Dieken interviews Nick Morgan. In this 30-minute podcast they discuss many subjects including how the latest brain research could transform the way you think about communicating and why adrenaline makes you robotic and monotonous. Website | Download podcast

Meet the MasterMinds: Nick Morgan’s 7 Steps to a Great Speech

Michael McLaughlin of Management Consulting News asked Nick for his best advice on preparing and delivering a great speech every time. Tips from Nick include: You have two jobs to do to win over any audience: Establish credibility and build trust. The best speeches involve audiences from the start. Audiences find lists irritating, but they love attitude and perspective. A speech is not a data dump. It’s a decision-making journey on which… Read More

The Career Clinic Podcast – Part 2

For this second installment of my podcast with Maureen Anderson of the Career Clinic, I cover: 1.  How to take your audience on a journey that keeps it engaged 2.  How long attention spans are today and what to do about them 3.  Connecting with your audience 4.  How the 80-20 rule applies to public speaking. Enjoy!   The Career Clinic Sept 2010 -2

William Arruda of Reach Personal Branding

Build Trust with Audiences of One to One Thousand: How to Communicate Authentically and Charismatically. Website | Play

Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Talk Radio

Author, leading communications and speech coach, and Founder of Public Words Inc., Nick Morgan shares his four step process to help you discover your own personal communications style to maximize your persuasiveness and presence. Website | Play

John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast Nick Morgan, author of Trust Me, talks about trust, authenticity and charisma and how anyone can use it to their advantage as a public speaker. Website | Play

The Advertising Show, Brad Forsythe

Charismatic author Nick Morgan describes how trust and transparency lead the way to authenticity. Website | Play

Andy Kaufman: Institute for Leadership Development and Excellence

An interview with Andy Kaufman from the Institute for Leadership Development and Excellence Inc. Website | Play