5 Ways to Avoid Looking Like an Idiot as a Public Speaker

I let the doctor talk me into a flu shot during my annual physical this week, and I’ve had a bit of a reaction to it.  I bled, my arm swelled up, and now I’ve got the mini-flu.  So, needing a laugh, I am thankful to friend and great speaker Micah Solomon, guru of customer service in the digital era, for sending me a link to the Onion TED-talk spoof.  It’s fun,… Read More

3 Quick Tips for Impact in Your Next Presentation

For my blog today, I'm linking to a short article I did for CIO magazine on 3 quick ideas for greater impact in your presentations.  Enjoy!

The 10 Commandments of Presentations

A few years back I did a version of these.  Today, I was inspired to update them.    I.  Thou shall speak authentically, from the heart.   II.  Thou shall focus on the audience.   III. Thou shall not use Power Point as speaker notes.   IV.  Thou shall not begin thy speech with a joke*.    V.  Thou shall speak with all appropriate passion, and not be boring.   VI.  Thou… Read More

5 Stupid Speaker Tricks

Speakers do stupid things, like any other group of people.  The problem is that they subject whole audiences to boredom and, yes, pain as a result.  So it’s not only the speakers themselves who suffer.  In an effort to mitigate the suffering, here are 5 of the most egregious stupid speaker moves.  If you know someone who perpetrates these, tell them!  Stop them!  You’ll be doing the windowless meeting room world a… Read More

#4: 5 Blogs. 5 Days. 5 Quick Takes for Improving Your Speaking in 2012.

What are the 5 most important quick ideas for improving your public speaking?  I’m going to go for broke this week and blog on 5 quick takes in 5 days.  Put them together and you should have a good ‘cheat sheet’ for fulfilling your resolution to improve your public speaking in 2012.  4.  In delivery, don’t fall into the Power Point Triangle of Death.  I have seen so many speakers, even confident,… Read More