Eye Contact And Public Speaking — It’s Not What You Think

The invention and wide use of eye tracking technology in psychological studies means we can finally re-visit that old chestnut that absolutely everyone has heard of about speaking:  make eye contact. And apparently it’s time to re-think that old rule. A recent study, not surprisingly, perhaps, shows that it’s not as simple as just, “Make […]

Seven Ways to Enchant an Audience

How can you go beyond the usual efforts to create a successful presentation – and enchant the audience?  What are the secrets to creating magic with a speech?  Here are seven ways to take your speech beyond the ordinary.  Some of these will be familiar to you, but I’m guessing that at least one will […]

How Public Speakers Can Use Body Language to Deliver Great Speeches – 2

So, if focusing on particular gestures isn’t reliable, what can you use to decode body language? Your unconscious mind. It’s already hard at work, practically 24/7, reading the body language of everyone who comes into your field of ken. What it looks for is intent. It checks people to see if they’re powerful or subservient, […]

How Public Speakers Can Use Body Language To Deliver Great Speeches – 1

For public speakers the body language news is both good and bad. The good news is that you are already an unconscious expert, for the most part, in reading some of the body language cues and the concomitant underlying emotions of people familiar to you. For example, arriving home, you can tell in an instant […]

Get a Great Book on Public Speaking Free

For an American Thanksgiving present to all my blog readers, I’m linking to Nancy Duarte’s free giveaway of her excellent book, Resonate.  She’s giving it away in iTunes and online in an HTML5 version as a multimedia experience.  Nancy is a good friend and a wonderful thinker about presentations, design, and public speaking, and Resonate is […]