Trust Matters for Speakers. Here’s Why.

Ten steps to improve presentations

There are a few times in life when we take a leap, a leap of faith, a leap of trust.  There are the obvious big ones like taking a new job, or getting married.  And then there’s the smaller, less obvious one of giving a speaker an hour of our time.  We’re trusting that speaker [...]

What Does Your Audience Want?


So often speakers preparing a speech start with their passion, their expertise, or their response to an invitation.  But what does your audience want?  And is it helpful to begin preparation for a speech with that question? The answer to the second question is, of course, yes.   It is helpful because it focuses your attention [...]

Five Tips For Public Speaking Success

Powerful stories

I’ve seen a lot of speeches recently, coached and written a good number more for clients, and given a few of my own.  Here’s my latest list of good speaking habits, dos and don’ts, and lessons from the front, five this time, five the next time.  In no particular order except perhaps passion. 1. Don’t [...]

Ten Questions Speakers Should Ask Themselves

Book question

I was inspired by one of those lists of questions that made the rounds on Facebook to create 10 questions to guide people who are serious about speaking as a way of connecting with the world.  How do you answer these?  What other questions do you have about your speaking? 1.  What do you love [...]

Manning, the Broncos, and Adrenaline: What Went Wrong? Lessons for Speakers


Watching the first few calamitous minutes of the Super Bowl — calamitous, at least, for Peyton Manning and the Broncos — I found myself thinking about adrenaline.  If there ever were an occasion to get pumped up, it’s the Super Bowl.  So much at stake, so many people watching, so many reputations and bragging rights [...]

How to Get Hired as a Speaker in 2014


Most speakers who market their services are going about it in the wrong way.  Start from the idea that the fee-paying world is overloaded with information, marketing claims, ideas, cute kitten videos, and a thousand demands on everyone’s time from family, friends, co-workers and people asking for money for good causes. The easiest path for [...]

Three more ways to connect with your audience before the speech

stage (1)

As I noted in my previous post, there are several ways that you can begin to relate to your audience before your speech.  More than those ideas, however, you can begin to relate to your audience before the event begins.  Here are several ways to build interest, create buzz, and begin to connect before anyone [...]

Three ways the relationship with your audience starts before you walk on stage


Most speakers think that their job begins when they get on stage and open their mouths to utter their first words.  Most discussions of how to start a speech begin there – obviously enough – with the first words you say. But in truth, your relationship begins well before that.  There’s your introduction, which sets [...]

How to Change the World in 2014


The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.  The world, in the case of your next speech, is that audience right in front of you.  It’s an incredible opportunity – a group of people has voted with its feet and put butts into chairs to listen to you.  These people are [...]

My New Year’s Resolution for 2014: To Listen


I’ve been on holiday, the first one in a couple of years, and as it winds to a close, I’ve been thinking about starting the New Year in the right spirit.  I’ve made the usual resolutions to get more exercise, eat right, live every moment fully, and avoid speeding tickets.  But what about a theme, [...]