How To Review Your Own Videos

One of the wonders of the digital age is that video for speakers is now relatively cheap, easy, and of high quality. To be sure, there is still enormous art involved in getting good video for that speakers’ sizzle reel or for your website. But to get video for the purposes of review is no […]

The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative Audiences

Most countries have a political spectrum that divides along conservative v liberal lines. In the US, it’s the Republicans v the Democrats; in the UK, it’s the Tories v the Laborites; in Game of Thrones, it’s King’s Landing v Winterfell, and so on. Now, some recent research helps us understand what underlies the differences between […]

Perfectionism and Public Speaking

Is it good to be a perfectionist? Perfectionists would say yes, of course; it leads to better results in work and life. The psychologists say it leads to misery, and a higher risk of suicide. A specialist in the field, Professor Gordon Flett of York University, has written a book on the subject, and a […]

The Toughest Speaking Gig of All

I usually write about the challenges of professional and executive speaking, but there’s one speaking gig that presents difficulties even most pros don’t have to face: preaching. Preachers face the same audience (mostly) week after week, year after year, and have to somehow persuade them to listen afresh every Sunday. Even assuming you get a […]

Here’s a New Reason to Trust Your Unconscious Mind

It’s time to start trusting your unconscious mind. Most of us get the occasional hunches, intuition, or gut feel – and we either act on them or don’t. When we don’t, we usually regret it afterward. If only I had put my entire paycheck on red like my gut was telling me! OK, so don’t […]