The 3 Postures and Authenticity

When I speak to audiences, I often do a quick demonstration with a volunteer that reveals how audiences respond unconsciously to slight differences in a speaker’s posture.  Here’s a quick video that explains why getting your posture right is essential to connecting successfully with an audience:

How to work with publishers and agents: The Public Words Speaker Forum 2010

As I’ve blogged before, professional speakers need books in order to sustain a career over the long term.  And that means books published by traditional publishing houses for the most part, though there are exceptions.  The exceptions are speakers who already have a strong market for their speeches and can sell the books ‘in the [...]

Pam Slim on Social Media and Purpose (Public Words Speaker Forum 2010)

Continuing with the theme of insights from the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010, one of the standout talks was from Pam Slim.  Pam’s generosity and openness made a deep impression on me and everyone else at the conference.  Thanks, Pam, for the inspiration! Once again, I welcome guest blogger Sarah Morgan.  The title of Pam [...]

How to make your book successful – a 5-step plan (PWSF 2010)

I'm delighted to welcome a guest blogger to this space:  Sarah Morgan, a writer for, attended the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010 and is writing up some of the speakers and sessions.  (Full disclosure:  she's my daughter.)  Welcome, Sarah, and thanks for this insightful piece on how to ensure that your book is a [...]

Why is most public speaking – especially in the business world – so bad?

(This blog is based on the talk I gave at the opening of the Public Words Speaker Forum, June 11-12, 2010.) Why is most public speaking – especially in the business world – so awful?  And how can we raise the bar, which is set distressingly low.  I think there are three principal reasons.  First, [...]

Headlines from the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010

I’m going to do a series of blogs on what we learned from the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010.  If you attended, please add your own takeaways!  We felt extraordinarily lucky in having a wonderful group of participants.  There was a generous vibe in the air, and the conference was memorable for the enthusiasm and [...]

How to be a passionate speaker, part 4: your pitch matters

Some people pitch their voices too high or too low habitually. That puts a strain on the voice, prevents it from achieving its full authority, and undercuts passion. I worked with one consultant, a frequent speaker, who used a voice when she was speaking that was so high that people called her the “dolphin lady.” [...]

How to be a passionate speaker, part 3

Your voice is one of the chief ways you have to give vent to your passion as a speaker.  Heck, as a human.  To be effective, you should care for and use your voice properly.  Following is a quick primer in the care and use of the voice; you can spend a lifetime practicing these [...]

How to be a passionate speaker

Many people will tell you that passion is everything in presentations and communications in general.  “Just be yourself – be passionate,” they say.  There are two problems with that advice.  What if you’re not passionate about the subject?  And what if “being yourself” means being shy, or geeky, or just plain terrified? Giving a speech [...]

Perelmuter Live at the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010: a Speaker Bureau Chief Speaks

Ever wonder how you can launch your own (paid) public speaking career or take your existing practice up to the next level?  Here’s your chance to get the straight story from one of the best:  Martin Perelmuter.  Martin launched Speakers Spotlight a few years back and has already managed more than 12,000 speeches in over [...]