The 10 Commandments of Presentations, Updated

The 10 Commandments of Presentations, Updated

For my last blog post of 2015, I’m inspired to update a post I did a few years back. I.Thou shall speak authentically, avoiding all marketing BS and self-serving promotion. Thou shall sound as little like an American presidential candidate as possible, not trying to promise all things to all people. II.Thou shall focus on […]

How to Give an Authentic Presentation

How to Give an Authentic Presentation

The nonverbal conversation – your body language dialogue with the audience – will make or break you as a speaker. It’s where authenticity is created or destroyed. And you can’t just wing it. The irony is that winging it looks fake – because a certain amount of fumbling around is involved and that looks fake. […]

Eye Contact And Public Speaking — It’s Not What You Think

The invention and wide use of eye tracking technology in psychological studies means we can finally re-visit that old chestnut that absolutely everyone has heard of about speaking:  make eye contact. And apparently it’s time to re-think that old rule. A recent study, not surprisingly, perhaps, shows that it’s not as simple as just, “Make […]

The Basic Building Blocks of a Great Speech – 7

You’ve researched your audience, asked the right questions, and learned the particulars of the occasion.  You’ve created the opening frame of the talk with an engaging story that hints at the glories to come.  You’ve plunged the audience deep into the issue that animates your topic.  You’ve bathed the audience in the keen light of […]

A Comparison of Two Inaugurals: Kennedy v Obama

President Kennedy gave 3 State of the Union addresses, and they are almost completely forgotten today.  His Inaugural Address, on the other hand, is cited frequently, and whenever great political speechmaking is discussed.  Rhetorically elegant, memorable, and inspirational, the speech deserves its iconic status. What will be the fate of President Obama’s Second Inaugural?  Will […]

President Obama’s Second Inaugural Address and How to Close a Speech – 3 Quick Tips

After an opening that grabs your audience and doesn’t let it go, the next most important moment in a presentation is the ending.  That’s because we tend to remember best the last thing we hear.  So if you want to knock ‘em dead, you’d better be prepared to have a killer close. But most people […]

3 Steps for Quick Speech Prep

How to prepare for that big presentation?  It’s at once an intellectual, emotional, and kinesthetic activity.  It has a lot of moving parts.  Here’s a quick program to carry out before each speech that will get you in peak form. 1. The Intellectual.  Every speech has an intellectual ‘spine’ – the basic ideas that you’ll discuss during […]