How to Give an Impromptu Speech

A client and friend asked me the other day about impromptu speeches. His question, basically, was, to give consistently good impromptu speeches, do you memorize something (or a few pieces of something) and then trot those out at the key moment? Or, if you actually make them up in the moment, how do you think […]

What Will Corporate Storytelling Look Like in 2015?

I’m not going to make communications predictions this year, because my crystal ball is cloudy, and 2015 in any case so far seems like more of the same as last year.   But thanks to a collision of two trends, there is one area where the future is clear already: corporate storytelling. It’s going to have […]

The Public Speaker’s To-Do List for 2015

Happy New Year. Is this the year you break out as a speaker, at a level that matches your ambition? How high do you want to fly? Do you want to excel at the keynote level, in hot demand at $40K per speech, all over the world? Or do you want to have constant invitations […]

What John Lewis Can Teach Speakers About Storytelling and Emotion

Speakers often struggle with how to get the emotion they know they need to move audiences into a speech. Perhaps they’re not comfortable with emotion in the first place, or they don’t see the connection to their particular bit of the business world, or they don’t know how to get the right level of emotion […]

On Being Brief

Attention spans are shrinking. ADD and ADHD is on the rise – they say. People are overloaded with information. Keynote speeches are getting shorter – TED-talk formats are becoming increasingly common. Conclusion? You’d better be brief. But how? As Churchill reportedly said, “If you need me to speak for three hours, I can be ready […]