The Three Mega-Trends Affecting Public Speakers Today

The Three Mega-Trends Affecting Public Speakers Today

I blog all the time about the latest neuroscience as it affects communications and public speaking. It’s also important not to neglect the bigger trends, so in this post I’m stepping back from the fray to identify the three mega-trends that I see affecting professional public speaking today. If you’re a keynote speaker, then you […]

What’s Wrong with TED?

What’s wrong with TED?  There’s no question it has been an extraordinarily successful venture.  It has transformed the world of public speaking in a number of ways, most of them obviously for the better.  But it has had some subtler negative effects too, and that’s what this post covers. It’s hard to remember now, but […]

What’s the difference between watching a TED speech on your computer and attending an event?

We’re watching a great deal of video on our computers these days, and seeing fewer live human speeches.  That’s a perfectly understandable trend, born of time and money issues, but it’s important to understand that something is missing when you don’t attend the live event.  If you have decision-making power over a travel-and-conference budget, you […]