Trust Matters for Speakers. Here’s Why.

Ten steps to improve presentations

There are a few times in life when we take a leap, a leap of faith, a leap of trust.  There are the obvious big ones like taking a new job, or getting married.  And then there’s the smaller, less obvious one of giving a speaker an hour of our time.  We’re trusting that speaker [...]

What Does Your Audience Want?


So often speakers preparing a speech start with their passion, their expertise, or their response to an invitation.  But what does your audience want?  And is it helpful to begin preparation for a speech with that question? The answer to the second question is, of course, yes.   It is helpful because it focuses your attention [...]

Blarney, Benghazi, and Binders: Takeaways from the Second Presidential Debate

The debate rematch saw a familiar Governor Romney matched up against a newly invigorated President Obama.  There was a lot of testosterone in the room; the two men stalked around the stage and each other doing their best to take up space and intimidate the other debater.  Romney walked stiffly, visibly tense, uneasy in his [...]

The single biggest mistake most public speakers make most often

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re ill and you go to the doctor.  You get into the examination room, and the doctor arrives, and before you’ve even opened your mouth, she prescribes a pill for you.  What would you think? Of course, you’d think the doctor didn’t know what she was talking about.  You'd [...]

Online Trust is Fragile: Why Herman Cain hasn’t quit yet and other modern era mysteries

I’m fascinated by politicians like Herman Cain and Rick Perry who hang in there – along with their most loyal staff and supporters – long after everyone in the outside world can see that they’re dead in the water.  Why the difference in perspective?  Of course, a huge piece of it is simply the momentum [...]

Can you inspire an audience with a negative message?

Can a speaker inspire an audience with a negative message?  The short answer is ‘no’, but of course you’re thinking about politicians – just to take a particularly blatant example – who appear to inspire their followers with all sorts of negative messages, so you’re thinking, ‘certainly a speaker can!’  But you would be wrong.    [...]

Communication and Sales – 3 – The secret to a lasting customer relationship

I’m doing a week on selling and communication.  Five days, five tips.  Put all of these to work and I guarantee you improved results for virtually any kind of selling.  To close a sale, you need to first establish two things with your customer:  credibility and trust.  To succeed with an audience, or a customer, [...]

How to Communicate Virtually

I often get asked about virtual communications — webinars, audio conferences, and so on.  How do you keep people engaged in that form of communication?  In this final podcast in the series, I offer some tips, as well as a surprising fact about virtual trust.  The podcast lasts about 4 minutes.  Enjoy!     Nick [...]

The Nature of Trust in the Virtual World

Just finished speaking at the CIO 100 conference, smoothly run by Maryfran Johnson and her team of pros, and I was struck by a question I received near the end of the talk.  The audience and I had been discussing how to keep communication strong even among the young technorati, who are used to having [...]