The Career Clinic Podcast – Part 2

For this second installment of my podcast with Maureen Anderson of the Career Clinic, I cover:

1.  How to take your audience on a journey that keeps it engaged

2.  How long attention spans are today and what to do about them

3.  Connecting with your audience

4.  How the 80-20 rule applies to public speaking.


The Career Clinic Sept 2010 -2

2 Comments on “The Career Clinic Podcast – Part 2

  1. One thing to note. My experience is when people are on their smart phones during a session, it may be because they are tweeting highlights of your speech. This is a good thing.

  2. Hi, Sarah —
    Thanks for your comment. You’re right, of course, and it adds a new complexity to public speaking. How do you tell the difference? It depends a great deal on the audience — some are Twitter adepts and some are not.
    The further complication is that when they’re tweeting, while that is a good thing, it does still mean that they’re not paying as close attention to the speaker.

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