The One Thing You Must Do Before Preparing a Speech

For podcast #4, I focus on the one step you must take before beginning to prepare a speech — understand the audience.  It's a quick one; just over 3 minutes.  Enjoy! 

For more discussion of the topic, see Give Your Speech, Change the World, or Trust Me

Podcast #4 – Understand Audience


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    Thanks, Paul and Fred, for the comments. Paul — when are you coming to the US next? And Fred, the implication in your comment is an important one — for professional speakers and anyone who gives the same (or similar) speech over and over again, customization is key!

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    Good information, Nick.
    Every audience is not the same. Content for one may not work for another.
    Age, ethnicity, education, and a variety of other things can affect the need to customize that “standard” speech.
    Thanks for the Post!

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