Why you need to be open – and how to do it

This is the 5th podcast in the Trust Me:  Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma series – why you need to be open, and how to do it.  Especially as our lives get more and more virtual, it's useful to recall the basics of openness — and here I do so in about 4.5 minutes.  Enjoy!

Trust Me Podcast 5


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    Andrea –
    Thanks for your comment and sharing your insight into trust and the risk that goes with it. In this fast-moving, suspicious age, building trust is more important than ever.

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    Nick, I appreciate your simple yet profound maxim: “When you’re open, you build trust.” This takes risk, and there is no deep trust without it. I also appreciate your emphasis on working from the inside out. Thanks for a worthwhile 4.5 minute break today.

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